Book Mecca is seeking to join forces with local Black owned businesses to promote and encourage literacy in the African American communities of North Texas.

Book Mecca is an online platform & bookstore that highlights black authors and their stories. We host an online personally curated Black bookstore, host author interviews, book panels and book themed events virtually and in person. It’s important to us that our stories, magic and melanin glow is told by us and shared for generations. The best way to learn about a culture, even your own, is through reading a book.

The Pass the Voice Initiative is an effort to bring black literature into the hands of future readers wherever there are. With the establishment of free little libraries in high traffic businesses where African Americans frequent and where literature will be valued is a way for us to always have access to great literature and not feel overwhelmed by the variety of content that is available in larger libraries. We are bringing our stories closer to home. Our initiative starts in North Texas because there are so many African Americans families that have moved to the area and seek to have their voices heard and stories told as well.

This initiative also provides a way for families to share literature and give back on a consistent basis and become more cognizant of the authors and stories they are reading and providing to their children.

The funding will be used for the following:
(Starting in North Texas (4-5) and as we grow we will move to more locations)

*Creation/Building of the little libraries (example below)
*Purchase of YA books/Children Books/Adult Books (book drives will also take place for continued inventory)
*Marketing/ maintenance supplies/scouting locations/expansion goals to more counties

If you are unable to donate financially please email us for in-kind ways you can assist (examples below)

  • skilled labor to construct the free little libraries
  • low cost/free materials to construct the free little libraries
  • gently used/new black authored books
  • serve as a host site for a free little library
  • serve as a librarian/manager of a free little library
  • SHARE on social media, post flyers, create a fundraiser


To learn more about Book Mecca please feel free to check out our pages:

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